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The YES challenge [LTJ]

“Yes” and “no” are two of the most powerful words in the English language. They’re strong. They’re absolute. These are the words that decide how we experience every day of our life.


Look at that magnificient word. Short. Sexy. Straight to the point. Yes speaks to affirmation. Positivity. Commitment.

And yet, we hesitate to say yes. We often say no instead. It’s almost instinctive. A reflex. Why does NO come so easily? It’s not just other people that we say no to. We don’t only decline invitations, refuse offers, and speak negatives. We often say no to ourselves. Our ideas, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. We reject ourselves.


Lifestyle + Wellness Love The Journey Travel

Love & Travel: Four stories of falling [LTJ]

What’s your love life like? How do you build relationships when you never stop moving? Is it even possible?

My answer varies by the day. If I’m wrapped up in a beautiful new romance… or if my latest love has walked out of my life. Am I still hopeful? Or walking through my day with a heavy heart and bleak outlook?

It’s not easy.

But at the same time… it is so very simple.

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Travel smart, live well, save money. [LTJ]

If you came here for a recommendation on the best value brand of instant ramen, you’re in the wrong spot. If the thought of spending a little more cash for a lot more pleasure makes your bank account quiver in fear, this may not be the article for you. If you shudder at the idea of not knowing where you’ll sleep tonight, stick with me… We’re here to establish what your comfort zone is and play with it a little.

This guide is for those who enjoy – even require – a good quality of life, but understand the value of saving money where you can so you can spend it where you get the most joy. Digital nomads, hedonists, travel lovers, adventurers… this one’s for you!

Lifestyle + Wellness Love The Journey Travel

Social skills are your secret weapon [LTJ]

What’s the big secret to living and traveling well? To a journey overflowing with unique opportunities and impactful connections? Strong social skills. I can’t emphasize enough the value that you’ll get out of being approachable, engaging, and able to strike up a conversation with anyone.

For the introverts and the socially anxious out there, I know exactly what you’re thinking…

‘It’s not that simple. It’s a natural ability and not all of us have it.’

I know. That’s why it’s called a skill. Skills are honed through practice. There is such a thing as an introverted extrovert. You can train that part of you. I did it. You can too.

Lifestyle + Wellness Love The Journey Travel

How to trust the journey… even when it sucks. [LTJ]

The thing about traveling (and life) is… it’s unpredictable. Yes, you can book a flight and a rental car, and plan out your itinerary. But if you’re the type of person that goes into every day with their heart and mind open to what’s out there? Get ready for the ride. You will never be able to plan for who you will meet, and how you will feel along the way. We are out in the world at the mercy of our environment. We have no idea what to expect.

Let’s get real. Would you really want to?