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The off the grid challenge [LTJ]

When was the last time you went off the grid? Truly offline and in the moment?

Since I got my first cell phone at 12 years old, I have been plugged in. I haven’t spent more than 24 hours off the grid… until last summer. I spent 7 days on a sailboat and completely disconnected from everything except for my crew and the vast ocean around us.

It was isolating. And it was the most connected I’ve ever been to my reality.

That trip was incredibly challenging, but so worth it. I came back online with a completely new understanding of what connection means. Out in the world, I am surrounded by people… constantly ‘connecting’ with others on social media. But after taking a closer look? I was alone. I wasn’t invested. I wasn’t present. I wasn’t building connections. I wasn’t giving time, heart, or attention to my friends, family, and relationships.

I was as alone in a sea full of people as I was out on the ocean alone with the stars.

Sad, isn’t it?

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The YES challenge [LTJ]

“Yes” and “no” are two of the most powerful words in the English language. They’re strong. They’re absolute. These are the words that decide how we experience every day of our life.


Look at that magnificient word. Short. Sexy. Straight to the point. Yes speaks to affirmation. Positivity. Commitment.

And yet, we hesitate to say yes. We often say no instead. It’s almost instinctive. A reflex. Why does NO come so easily? It’s not just other people that we say no to. We don’t only decline invitations, refuse offers, and speak negatives. We often say no to ourselves. Our ideas, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. We reject ourselves.


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Love & Travel: Four stories of falling [LTJ]

What’s your love life like? How do you build relationships when you never stop moving? Is it even possible?

My answer varies by the day. If I’m wrapped up in a beautiful new romance… or if my latest love has walked out of my life. Am I still hopeful? Or walking through my day with a heavy heart and bleak outlook?

It’s not easy.

But at the same time… it is so very simple.

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If today was your last day, what would you do? [LTJ]

This morning, someone asked me… “What would you do if you knew today was your last day on earth?”

Do you have a passion? Something that gets you fired up? That thing that makes your heart beat a little faster and your eyes shine a little brighter?

There are things in our lives that we can talk about for hours. Activities or topics or people or places that fill our dreams, whether we are awake or asleep. The stuff you want to share with everyone you meet, because you want them to have that feeling too!

But sometimes… we don’t have that thing.

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How to lose weight without really trying. [LTJ]

I lost 20 pounds this past year. Without really trying. I didn’t change my fitness program – I don’t have one. I didn’t stop eating the things I love. I can smash a pizza… Destroy a slice of chocolate cake… Get lit on tequila… I just don’t do it as often!

I’ve tried losing weight in the past, and it didn’t stick. I’ve tried strict diets, but I’d often find myself elbow deep in a pizza because I got hungry or couldn’t stave off the craving. I tried working out, but it wasn’t fun, and tough to do so consistently while traveling… and I’d reward myself after a workout with a cupcake or something sugary and delicious that would invalidate all the work I’ve done. As you do.

But something finally clicked. I saw people around me living healthy lifestyles. I became frustrated with how unhealthy I’d become. I wanted more for myself. More for my life. So I changed a few things. And it was really damn simple. I’ll be sharing three small changes you can start making today, because developing habits doesn’t work so well if you dive off the deep end.