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When you spend enough time at a kite spot, it starts to feel like home. It was hard to picture South Africa being that kind of place… it’s full of beauty and extremity and controversy, and it’s a place I can’t seem to stay away from.

All smiles on the water in South Africa… Photo by Luke McGillewie.

It’s been years since I’ve parked my kite bag in one spot for any length of time! But after so much time on the road, I was craving a home base. Being able to hang up my kites in the garage, unpack my clothes into a closet, and drive my own car would be a dream.

I’d been to Cape Town a couple times already – once shortly after I’d learned how to kite only to get spanked by the ocean. The second time to break my leg and watch everyone else on the water from my window. Obviously, that was by accident!!

2017/2018 summer season in South Africa didn’t start off too well…

This 2018/2019 summer season in Cape Town, I was ready to finally make the magic happen. So I got a 6 month lease on an apartment in Bloubergstrand with my partner and we bought some plants. If that’s not putting down roots, I don’t know what is!

What a season it was! We road tripped to every kite spot in the area, saw the most incredible sunrises and sunsets, and shared some special moments with friends.

That’s the best thing about spending a lot of time in one spot – the deeper friendships and relationships that come from it are definitely the best.

Here’s some highlights from this trip to South Africa…

Driving around searching for wind with the crew was always entertaining. From Langebaan to Hermanus and even further afield, we went where the wind was. Our Hermanus getaway was one of my favourites – and getting to capture the experience on film made it a memory I can keep looking back at!

Check out this episode of Luke McGillewie’s Wind Water Wild series to see the fun:

The SAKA Big Air Event (click for video highlights) was one of the most fun kite events of the season. Unlike the more popular Red Bull King of the Air, this event draws all the local kiters and visiting kiters to participate in an amateur-friendly event. I was behind the camera for most of the event, but managed to sneak out to participate in a couple of heats. By sheer luck with heat draws, I even managed to finagle my way into the final!

Find out everything you need to know about kiteboarding in this spot on the latest episode of Destinations with MACkite. You can read the travel and spot guide here.

For me, the best thing about riding in the event was finally being able to get on the water with Miriam from Wake Up Stoked. That girl is such an inspiration to me! Her level of Big Air kiteboarding is so impressive, but her willingness to share her struggles and vulnerability in the sport and in life are even more important. Check out her blog from this season: BOOST HIGH OR DIE – ABOUT FEAR AND FAILURE IN KITESURFING (AND LIFE!)

Trying wakesurfing with Cameron at Watersports Warehouse was one of the late season highlights! Not to mention getting out on the boat on Flamingo Vlei on a hot day. Pushing yourself to try new things and challenge yourself with new sports is a must to keep your progression and stoke alive! Click here to see the video and some hilarious faceplants.

Most of all, getting able to dive back into the wild world of kiteboarding and immerse myself into one of the most incredible kite communities in the world was unforgettable.

Catching up with old friends from other spots or previous seasons and building new friendships on the spot… truly the best part of the whole thing!

I’m looking forward to another amazing season in Cape Town next year… See you there?

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