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A bit of magic in Viana do Castelo, Portugal // TRAVEL STORY

How are the places you’ve never heard of always the most incredible places you’ve ever been?

Maybe it’s something to do with expectations… When you picture something in your mind before it happens, it’s nearly impossible for reality to live up to what you’ve already dreamed up.

Traveling with an open mind and an open schedule can bring up the most unique opportunities… Instead of planning your day right down to the details, try wandering the streets of a new city. Instead of planning every stop on your holiday, leave some room to improvise.

Not knowing where you’re going can be surprisingly delightful! 

I was already motoring around Southern Europe when I got a tip from pro kiteboarder Colleen Carroll about this up and coming kite spot in Northern Portugal called Viana do Castelo. When I set off from Lisbon, I had no idea what to expect.

But what I did discover is that this spot is not up and coming. It’s already there! It’s just been a very well kept secret!

What started with a couple half day visits to Viana Beach Center from the nearby city of Porto quickly evolved into me booking a hotel room for a few more days of Viana magic. Four months later, I found myself back in Viana for another week. And I still want more!

It’s hard to describe a spot like this without setting an expectation. This is a place to discover for yourself.

If Portugal is in your upcoming travel plans, take a couple days to visit this magical little spot. Kiteboarder or not, there is so much charm and heart in this community.

Of all the places I’ve been in Europe, this one is a firm favourite.


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