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Cabarete – After the storm [LTJ]

It’s been four days since Hurricane Irma paid us a visit here in the Dominican Republic. This mighty storm was a record-breaker, and at this moment continues to cause damage in the United States.

Here in Cabarete, things were looking pretty hopeless in the days leading up to Irma’s landfall. This Category 5 monster had been wreaking havoc across the Caribbean, and we were next.

It’s hard to describe the anxiety and fear that standing in the path of this storm brings. Even with reassurances from the locals that the geography here protects the North Coast from major storms, I was scared.

Kite Beach, Cabarete.

It’s hard to imagine this place… a place I love… a place I’ve called home… washed away.

But they were right. This beautiful beach town once again escaped the fury of Mother Nature.

This morning in Cabarete. Photo by Crystal Veness.

One day after the storm, I was having dinner on the beachfront.

Two days after the storm, I was having a session at Kite Beach.

Three days after the storm, I was swimming in the rock pool at Las Cuevas.

Four days after the storm, it’s difficult to find signs that a storm has even occurred.

A quiet morning in Cabarete a few days after Hurricane Irma. Photo by Crystal Veness.

Tracy from Dare2Fly Kiteboarding School went for a walk along the beach this weekend and spoke to every business owner on the beachfront to see how they fared. Nothing but smiles and good vibes. This video is probably the best way to communicate that Cabarete is how it’s always been – a sunny place to put your feet up… after an epic day out on the water!

Here in Cabarete, we are smiling. But our hearts break for the islands that took a direct impact from the storm. Our thoughts are with Florida and the United States as Hurricane Irma continues her path of destruction.

Sailing past Miami. Photo by Crystal Veness.

If you’re able to, please consider donating to support the emergency relief efforts in the Caribbean. There are millions of people who have been impacted by this storm, and many who I know personally that have lost their homes and their jobs.

BVI Relief

Virgin Unite

VI Strong

While the rescue and rebuilding efforts are underway, remember that many of these islands rely on tourism. Many of your favourite beaches are already back open, and your visit is important. Your beach chair and rum punch are waiting!

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