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The line between dream and reality [LTJ]

I am in a dream.

If I’m caught up in thoughts of dragons and fantasy and questioning the nature of my reality… well, you can thank HBO for that. Westworld and Game of Thrones have reminded me of some of the more impactful lessons I’ve learned this past several years.

I used to live in my dreams.

When I was a child, I wasn’t very happy. Like most children, I had to live the life that my parents created for me. And while that upbringing and those lessons have left me in a place today that is undeniably great… it wasn’t my choice, so I didn’t like it. Typical!

So I created a world I did like.

Making waves. SUP in Puntarena with Kiteology.

My fantasy worlds of magic, power, and fame. For days and weeks and months of my childhood, I would drift off into these increasingly elaborate stories where I am in control. I get what I want. I win. They came with their challenges and perils, as all good stories do… but they always left me feeling like I had control of my own life.

They were wonderful.

But they weren’t real. They didn’t even have the possibility of becoming real.

In my early teens, when romantic interests and hopeless crushes began to take hold, my dreams shifted. I would daydream about him noticing me and striking up a conversation. Or I’d find myself in a dangerous situation where he’d step in and save me. Attraction, flirtation, lust, drama, and love. I dreamed entire relationships with people that I had never spoken to.

These weren’t real either. But at least they were based in reality… so they certainly had the potential to be.

It took me a long time to understand that there are dreams that can become reality. But they could not cross that dimension until I did.

Standing before the storm. Tropical Storm Harvey passing over the Dominican Republic.

I was tired of living in these dreams instead of living my own life.

I remember the first time I saw a handsome man in an airport lounge, and let my mind wander down the road of him looking over, noticing me, and smiling… I caught myself tiptoeing down this dreamy path towards wistful desires, and shook myself out of it. I took a seat near him, glanced over, and flashed a smile. And then that dream I’d had a moment before happened right in front of me.

I remember writing down ‘My Dream Life’ at Reset Retreat in Belize two years ago. If there was nothing stopping me, what would I want my life to be? I read over that journal again recently. Here are some of the highlights…

Dreaming of wind. Photo by Ryan Goloversic.

“I travel the world as a professional kiteboarder.” “In my free time, I create. I write, take photos, make videos.” “I challenge myself to experience new things and find beauty everywhere.” “Everyone in my life uplifts, inspires, and motivates me… and I do the same for them.” “I give love to those I care for freely and limitlessly, and I get more love than one person can handle in a lifetime.” “I am present every day.”

I am in a dream.

I created this dream, and then I did what it took to make it reality.

And now? When I catch myself caught up in a daydream, I consider the first step I can take that would bring it into my reality. And then I dive in.

Crossing the line between dreams and reality. <3 Bianca Bikinis.

What about you? What are you dreaming about today? What can you do right now to get closer to making your dream reality?




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