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Lessons in love [LTJ]

I used to think I knew everything there was to know about love. That I had it all figured out. Because I was so clever, I’d even managed to find my life partner in my late teens. Lucky me!

To put it simply, I was wrong. I had a juvenile view of what love meant, formed by an odd blend of Disney movies and drama-fueled romantic comedies.

What these movies don’t teach you is reality.

Bianca + Ryan. Photo by Jason Thomas Crocker Photography.

When you open your eyes to the love that exists around you, it’s incredible the lessons you can learn. Whether it’s familial love, that trust and security of your friends, or romantic love, there are infinite stories to see and lessons to learn.

I got to watch my sister fall in love. And it shifted my entire perception on what romantic love is. I had the privilege of seeing unconditional love. To watch their relationship ride the waves of distance and time and life, and stay afloat. And not just float, but thrive. Or if we want to stay with the wave metaphor, I got to watch their love get totally pitted, brah.

Bridesmaids. Photo by Jason Thomas Crocker Photography.

I think it takes knowing and loving oneself completely before it’s possible to share love… successfully. My sister was a whole person when she met her partner. And he was a whole person. Together, they are two individuals who are strong, independent, and secure… and they have chosen to share their hearts.

Their love is unconditional. And it’s a love that I aspire to, though I’m certainly not in any rush.

Ryan + Bianca. Photo by Jason Thomas Crocker Photography.

Because love isn’t one thing. Love is all things. Love is patience. Love is respect. Love is trust. Love is pain. Love is laughter. Love is work. Love is flawed. Love is perfect. Love is absolutely exceptional.

Love is different things to different people. There is no right or wrong in love.

There’s just love. And whatever you make of it.

[These incredible photos were provided by Jason Thomas Crocker Photography.]

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