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The best ships are friendships [LTJ]

This one will be short and sweet. It’s really about honouring friendships. Acknowledging the value of each and every person that I’ve encountered in my life, and the moments that we’ve shared together.

We can live the greatest lives imaginable and have the most exceptional experiences, but without being able to share these moments with others…  they lose some of their lustre.  

What’s better than catching up with a group of friends, reminiscing, laughing about old experiences or moments or crazy shenanigans that you got up to together?


Your friends are the ones who love you because of your weirdness, not in spite of it!


The people who come into – and out of – our lives are the ones who add the most value to it.

Whether they’re friends for a day, a week, a month, a year, or for your entire life. No matter how long or short the friendship, they are all important. Whether they only resurface once every few years, or you see them every day. They are valuable. These people have helped create who you are today.


The most impactful people I know. The Reset Retreat team!


My favourite thing about preparing this blog was finding the photos for it. Every photo brings back a beautiful memory of a silly adventure with new friends and old. They are all moments I treasure. They put a smile on my face and bring warmth to my heart. 


Unforgettable. One week on a boat with Sail Week Croatia led to lifelong friendships and connections.


These shared experiences and moments live in the memories of your friends as well.

This video told the story of one of the best weekend getaway’s of my life. We were all off the grid, fully present, and in the moment. We were there for eachother when we needed it. We kited, we laughed, we cried, we drank, we ate, we drank, and we built connections. And while these are not people I see on the regular, these memories will last forever.


I encourage you to reflect on some of the moments and friendships you’ve made in your life. Enjoy the trip down memory lane. But most importantly, reach out to the people in your life who you shared that experience or memory with, and let them know how much you value the memory.

These humans are some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. <3 Necker Island.


I’d also like to remind you that this world is full of incredible people. Even if you have a wonderful network of friends today, be open to the idea that there are more out there that can enrich your life. That you can learn something from and share something with. With new friendships come new opportunities. Be open!


You never know where your new friendships will take you!


Lastly, be a good friend. Show appreciation and love to the people you care about. Be that person your friends can trust, and can count on for support. And thank the ones that have allowed you to lean on them in your times of need.

There is nothing that is greater in life than exceptional connections. The real value of this journey is the people we share it with.

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