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The discovery is in the journey

I believe we all arrive at a point in our lives where we begin to truly know and understand ourselves. Where we notice our tendencies, are more aware of our actions, and have the capability to reflect on them, assess ourselves, and alter course when needed.

I took a much-needed road trip through Yosemite National Park this week to figure out some stuff, and had the good fortune to be driving through this mindblowingly beautiful part of the world at sunset. I’m happy to share these photos and some thoughts on the journey.

What do you do when you need to get away?


My escape is kiteboarding. It is the only activity I’ve found that truly quiets my brain. Whatever anger or stress or sadness I’m holding onto falls away. While the cause of the emotions isn’t resolved, my ability to deal with them changes. I can approach it with a fresh attitude, having released all of my tension on the water.

But sometimes escape isn’t the right solution. We can’t run from our problems forever. Clearing our minds is a good start, but resolving our anxieties is the necessary next step.


My therapy? Driving. This is the time I can take to process, analyze, contemplate, and work through anything that is causing me stress. I get in the car, get the hell out of the city, explore nature, and explore myself. These are the most clarifying journeys I know.


I’ve been struggling with some decisions recently. The funny thing about having options is the pressure to choose the one that’s the most right can be overwhelming. So I got in the car and drove around Yosemite National Park for 12 hours and worked it out. It was enlightening. I came out the other side feeling invigorated, more connected to myself, and like I could breathe again.


Do you know what your escape is? Your own form of personal therapy? 

If you haven’t figured it out, I hope you can take the time to discover the activities or practices that help you find that clarity. And use them.






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