Let’s talk inspiration // Chapter One movie premiere

Let’s talk inspiration for a moment.

I recently found myself on a boat cruising the San Francisco Bay with some of the most inspired and creative people I have ever met. I couldn’t believe how in alignment that experience was with who I am as a person.

I did a values exercise recently in an effort to understand what I want and need in life. The purpose of this exercise – which I highly recommend you do – is to gain clarity and knowledge on what’s important to me. To guide my choices and shape my future. Here’s a link if you’d like to give it a go.

Inspiration came in right at the top. My fuel. I’m constantly searching for more. Without it, I am not myself. Inspiration is mission critical. Close behind was connnection, simplicity, creativity, and discovery. This knowledge is power. And I’m constantly finding myself surrounded by people that share the same values. Wild.


Passing under the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

So who were these inspiring folk? They were the crew at WeTransfer, the cloud file-sharing service with a serious passion for creativity. The team at Eyeforce, the talented production company that created Chapter One: The Kiteboard Legacy Begins, a movie that highlights everything that is beautiful about the sport, and the stories that make it precious. A representative from the Red Bull Media House, a company that curates exceptional content in the world of extreme sport. Kara Mulder, kite girl, traveler, blogger, and a truly kindred spirit. Makani energy co-founder, inventor, and innovator Don Montague, who demonstrated his badass jet foilboard and kite boat. And three of the most inspiring, extreme, and successful kiteboarders on this planet: Ruben Lenten, Kevin Langeree, and Nick Jacobsen.


Cruising on the kite boat with Don Montague, Ruben Lenten, Kevin Langeree, and Nick Jacobsen

When you’re surrounded by people of this caliber, the amount of energy and stoke flying around is enough to make you giddy. Sometimes I find it difficult to comprehend that I may actually fit into this group, and that’s how I ended up there… but maybe that’s exactly it?


Nick Jacobsen enjoying the latest invention from Don Montague, the jet foilboard

I can’t thank WeTransfer enough for bringing me along on this journey and allowing me this unique insight into the Chapter One movie. Not only did the film bring tears to my eyes, make my skin tingle, and leave my jaw on the floor, I was absolutely blown away by the atmosphere surrounding the premiere event.


Eyeforce crew sharing the stoke

The amount and variety of people in attendance was stunning. Entrepreneurs, kiters, artists… the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco was overflowing with good vibes and great minds. During the screening, there was a theatre full of people experiencing the same journey. A group of incredible human beings holding their breaths, laughing together, and cheering together. Much like the kiteboarding community in general, being in that theatre felt like being in the midst of a close knit family.

Seeing the pride and the joy in the eyes of the creators at Eyeforce and the riders featured in the film as they walked out of the theatre was heartwarming in every way. The hugs and congratulations were abundant and authentic and full of love.


Sharing good vibes in the Chapter One premiere photobooth

It was an unforgettable experience shared with a top quality bunch. I hope you all get a chance to watch the movie and feel the inspiration. It will be available for free on Red Bull TV on October 10th, 2016.

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