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Kiteboarding in Cape Town, South Africa

Let me be the first to admit that I got worked in Cape Town. Worked like a crash test dummy being smashed into walls of water over and over again.

I remember that first session at Kite Beach in Bloubergstrand. I pumped up my smallest kite, rigged my lines, and tried in vain to squash the nerves building inside me. As I realized what kind of power I would have to hold down, I wondered if I was out of my depth as I was involuntarily being dragged towards the water by 30-something knots of thinly veiled fury. If I wasn’t in a mild state of panic the whole time, it would have been funny.

How would I describe the kiting conditions in Cape Town? The first word that comes to mind is extreme. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Honestly, some of the sessions were absolute punishment. But… I can’t even tell you how extraordinarily good the adrenaline rush is.


Big raley from my winning heat at the SAKA Amateur Womens Freestyle event (Photo by JD Grobler)

I had a lot fewer sessions than I’d hoped to during my 6 weeks in South Africa. I was feeling a bit like Goldilocks after a couple weeks of wind blowing in the mid-30’s followed by a week of wind in the low teens. One thing I learned was I definitely need more kites in my quiver… or to grow a pair!

This video came from a session I recorded six months ago in which I clearly got spanked by the Atlantic. Yes, my jumps could use a lot of work. I am aware that the ‘flying wet noodle’ is not the signature style one might want to aim for.

So much stoke! Riding in after a strong heat (Photo by Maz Tissink)

I made this video because I’ve been off the water dealing with an injury, and daydreaming about big air mayhem in Cape Town. What I’m most excited to see is how my jumps will have improved six months from now when I return to the bewitching beaches of South Africa.

Take me back to Shred Town…

FILM + EDIT // Crystal Veness
LOCATION // Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa
MUSIC // Coleman Hell – 2 Heads

Crystal Veness and Lisa Videira

Boosting session with my kite sister Lisa Videira – LF team rider from Angola



Getting munched by walls of water in Cape Town, South Africa (Photo by Maz Tissink)

Kiting in Cape Town

Pumping up in cranking wind at Kite Beach, Bloubergrstrand with Lisa Videira


Getting upside down during the SAKA Amateur Womens Freestyle competition (Photo by Maz Tissink)

Sunset Beach Downwinder

One of many 5m days in Cape Town. Getting sandblasted on the beach while rigging up for a downwinder! (Photo from Kerem Balik)

Kiting in Cape Town

Stress level: HIGH! The average Cape Town session (Photo by Maz Tissink)

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