Riding cable at Trophy Lakes – Charleston, SC

Cable parks have always made me a little nervous. Perhaps it has something to do with trying a raley during my first cable session at Dirty Habits Playground… because if you can do it on a kite, you can do it on the cable! Too easy! Right? No!! Not at all! 

And then there was my second cable experience at Blue Rock where I got wrecked trying it again, because apparently some people never learn.

Long story short:
I was petrified while getting strapped in at the Trophy Lakes cable in Charleston, South Carolina. It didn’t help that we were riding the Funkytown cable, which had a few very intimidating features. Somehow I always get in over my head with this stuff.

To my eternal surprise, I had an epic day! Thanks to the crew at Trophy Lakes, some great advice from new friends, and the chill summer weekend vibe, I walked away stoked. And doing 180s off the kicker. Yeeeww!

But not every time…


This has been one of my favourite stops so far on my Atlantic Coast adventure. I’ve spent the past couple weeks cruising around without much of a plan. Who needs a plan, anyway? I had no idea what to expect when I arrived in Charleston, but it delivered. Amazing people. Super chill bars. Beautiful scenery. Great kite spots. Epic cable park. Definitely a place to visit. Probably multiple times!

Back on the road and in search of the next adventure…


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