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That time I set a world record…

Well, me and 414 other people. Still counts. 

Some people would ask, “Why on earth would you WANT to get on the water with 400+ kiters?” or say, “It’s going to be a free-for-all out there!”  To be honest, I can see their point. But getting together with the entirety of the kiting community in Cape Town… I’m not sure I can put into words the feeling that came with participating in this event.

Check out the official video from the VKSA to feel the vibe.

I was lucky to be in Cape Town this January 30th when the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada in South Africa came together in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of 352 previously held by Spain. This was an event I couldn’t miss! Better yet, I had kite buddies from Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, and the USA to share this experience with.


Cabarete crew reunion in Cape Town.

Here’s the thing: The kiteboarding community is incredible. As someone who doesn’t have a traditional home, can be a little shy, and is terrible at maintaining long distance friendships- feeling like you belong is really special. That’s how I feel in the kite world. I know that everywhere I go to kite, I will see someone I know. And if not? I will meet someone that I can ride with, talk travel with, and share a post-session brew with. For a community that has given me so much, an opportunity to participate an event that was all about community was impossible to pass up.


A sky full of sails. Photo by @kitesurfarmada (via Twitter)

Seeing everyone come together for this event was… epic. I had goosebumps. I was giddy with excitement. I was actually kind of moved to the point of tearing up once or twice from the happy vibes everyone was sharing. Don’t tell anyone that, though. I was nervous as hell having launched my kite at the same time as Aaron Hadlow and having to worry about not looking like an idiot doing silly little jumps in front of the reigning King of the Air all the way down the world record mile.

It was a beautiful day. The VKSA raised loads of money for charities. No one got munched on by sharks. Everything was perfect. If I have to share my world record with 414 other people, I couldn’t imagine a better bunch to share it with.


World record done and dusted with the Liquid Force Cape Town crew.

Can we talk about the Cape Town kite scene for a moment? Wow. It’s extreme. It’s absolutely beautiful. And the people? World class. Keep an eye out for my upcoming Cape Town kite spot review! If you happen to be in the UK this June 17-19, I hope you get the chance to participate in the next world record attempt at Hayling Island. Good luck!

Leader photo by DOCA Photography.

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