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ONE DAY in Mexico // Film + Edit Project

Have you ever been to a kite spot that made your heart flutter, your mouth water, and your imagination fire? When I first drove up to the kite beach, I was in awe. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of this dreamy spot before! I spent that first night in Isla Blanca dreaming of white sand and flat water in freestyle heaven. Here’s my take on kiting in Mexico and an Isla Blanca Spot Review!

Dreaming in Isla Blanca. Photo by Rose Bungener.

Dreaming in Isla Blanca. Photo by Rose Bungener.

After experiencing the Spring Break ravaged concrete jungle of Cancun- a place that reminded me more of Las Vegas than I would have imagined- this peaceful little spot was a welcome change. All consuming peace, stillness of sunrise, a world where nothing really mattered but the ocean, the wind, and cold cervezas at sunset.

I had the incredible opportunity to spend a week with Ikarus Kiteboarding in Isla Blanca to plan and film this video with the help of friend and kite chica Rose Bungener. Thank you Rose for helping with this project! Shout out for chasing birds around in the water for that sunrise shot! A big thank you to Foka and the crew at Ikarus Kiteboarding for hosting us during our stay.

Rose Bungener // Slingshot UK // Mystic UK // Isla Blanca

Rose waiting for the wind to come in. Photo by Crystal Veness.

With the help of the instructors and crew at Ikarus, my friends were able to learn how to kiteboard while Rose and I spent time training new tricks and camping out in the water with a camera. A journey to remember.

Mexico seems like a world away now, but I know it’s only a short trip in my dreams.

S P O T  R E V I E W:

Level: Beginner to Professional
Riding: Best for freeride and freestyle
Wind Conditions: Typically off-shore or cross off-shore, but it’s possible to ride this spot in any direction of wind. Windspeed can vary, but it is helpful to have some bigger kites in this spot (12m to 14m) to be able to ride more frequently. I had a couple of great 9m sessions here.
Water Conditions: Flat flat flat! Very light chop in some spots, but Isla Blanca is about as flat as it gets! Super shallow so you can stand or walk anywhere. Ideal for beginners. Take caution when doing tricks or jumps where the water is too shallow… that’s a recipe for a knee injury. There are some deeper spots where it’s safe to try tricks that you may crash. Be sure to ask the local riders on the spot to point them out to you.
Season: December – May 
Facilities: The kite spot is natural and beautiful, which also means that it is not equipped with things like a shop, bathroom, restaurant, air compressor, etc. Bring what you need for the day with you.
Transportation: It’s possible take a taxi or bus to Isla Blanca, but much easier with a rental car! You’ll have the convenience of a place to keep all your gear while on the spot, and to come and go as you please. Mind the speed limits in Mexico, you will be pulled over if you are speeding. They patrol the roads between Cancun and Isla Blanca frequently. You have to pay a small beach access fee to drive a car onto the beach – something around $1-2 USD. 
Accommodation: Isla Blanca is only a 30 minute drive from Cancun Hotel Zone, so you have the option of staying in luxury and taking advantage of the great nightlife while kiting in this little paradise. Alternatively, you can stay in Isla Blanca if you are looking for a more peaceful getaway. Ikarus Kiteboarding has accommodation available near the kite spot with a restaurant and pool.

FILM + EDIT // Crystal Veness
CONCEPT // Crystal Veness + Rose Bungener
DRONE FOOTAGE // Blake Byers
LOCATION // Isla Blanca, Mexico
MUSIC // Jubel – Klingande (Original Mix)
SCHOOL // Ikarus Kiteboarding
WEB // kiteboardmexico.com

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